The ChalkTalk Telestrator

The heart of the tools at is the ChalkTalk Telestrator™.  It's a Flash application that lets you take any of the videos you've uploaded to the site (or anybody's public video for that matter) and to analyze it slow motion and freeze frame.  You can perform and share analysis three different ways:
1) Shoulder to shoulder with players, coaches (and parents).  Everyone comments while watching the motions and markups. 
2) Record mode.  The coaches records his observations to a new video and emails a link.
3) PowerCast mode.  The coach broadcast and shares his screen to coaches, players and parents.

Here's a 10 minute tutorial showing the ChalkTalk Telestrator screens and suggested operation.

Grab a free account at, upload your own video and get ChalkTalking!  It's as easy as it looks.