Saturday, September 4, 2010

Video Analysis is Better than Nikes

I'll delete this post when Nike comes calling to be title sponsor of  I'll delete it and pretend that cleats with a swoosh on them make you a better ball player.

I might even start selling sugar water if PowerAde comes calling.  But in the meantime, it's clear to me that the best investment you can make in your aspiring athlete's career is video analysis.

As the founder of PowerChalk, it's a self serving statement but as I wander the aisles in Dick's Sporting Goods, I'm amazed at all the junk.  Short little bats to teach an inside swing, reaction balls with Jeter's face that teach you - I'm not sure - how to play a bad hop?

It's junk. I know because I've got a closet full of such golf gadgets. They make great infomercials but none of them have helped my game. The first time my game took a meaningful and positive turn was when I had a pro analyze my swing on video.

Being an engineer, I needed to see it, measure it and compare it to a standard. I'd been playing under instruction for months but didn't take all of the medicine my pro was trying to give me on the practice tee until I saw my swing under the lines of an ideal swing plane. It's the first time I really got it.

The Flick, Nicklaus and McClean tapes didn't work. I honestly thought I was swinging like the pros. I needed to see my swing - not theirs.

So yes, PowerChalk is better than a new pro stock glove, a $500 bat, Nike cleats or Under Armor sleeves. None of those make you a better ball player. PowerChalk does.

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